Current population info and other statistics

Prague's Local Tax Rate:  9.5%  ~ City-4.0%   State-4.5%   County-1.0%

2011 Prague's Property tax rate is $98.28 per $1,000 of your assessed property value 

This is how the property tax is distributed:

Per $1,000 Assessed property value

County General-$10.36   (This is for county officals) 

(None of this money is for Roads which comes from Gas Tax)

County Health - $2.59

Vo-Tech - $15.58

County - $4.14 (School)


Location:  Prague is located in the southeast corner of Lincoln county in Central Oklahoma.  It is 50 miles east of Oklahoma City and approzimately 65 miles from Tulsa, the two largest metropolitan cities in Oklahoma.



Prague                2,412             

Median Age                         39.6   (this is older than average age in the U.S.)

Families (non-single residence) represented 65.7 of the population

Prague Median Household Income       $41,350  

Population* Latino  2.6% ~ Black 3.5% ~ Caucasian 79.7% ~ Indian 7.1%

CLIMATE:  The averagae temperature is 60.7 degrees, with the average January temperature at 34.2 degrees and the average July temperature at 81.6 degrees,

Weather Statistics:

Annual Rainfall           32 inches      Annual Snowfall    10 inches      Average Relative Humity  68%

Prevailing Wind direction  South   Elevation above Sea Level  998.55  

Average Number of Flying days per year   320 days

City Administration:  

     Prague has a council-city manager form of government.  There are five councilmen, one from each ward, with the terms of four years being staggered.  The mayor is then voted in, by the council, from its members, for a four year term.        


Volunteer Firemen                       24

Fire Insurance Rating of                6

City Law Enforcement                    9

Lincoln County Law Enforcement    11

Certified City:

Prague is recognized as a certified City with the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.  This requires the city to document goals and growth in the areas of Human Resources, Economic Development, Government Organizations, Community Services and Community Facilities.