Prague Chamber of Commerce


Prague Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

"The mission of the of the Prague Chamber of Commerce is to provide able community leadership that will encourage and work for economic growth in business and industry, attract visitors and advance the civic and cultural life of the Prague areas, thereby improving and increasing job opportunities and the quality of life for all."  

Officers for 2019:

President: Jarrod VanZant

President-Elect: Vallery Feltman

Vice President: Chase Ross

Past President: Harvey Robinson

Treasurer: Jason Chandler

Executive Secretary: Debbie Grissom


Board Members:

Term Ending 2020:    Term Ending 2021:    Term Ending 2022 

Lois Cox                                    Jim Greff                      Jade Parks

Scott Smith                               Ryan Alexander           Kim Hyden

Wendi Sheffield                        Pam Pratka                  Levi Lee


President Nominations 1-year: 

Liz Blocker-Anthony Buoy-Joseph Holman

Advisory Board: 

Tracey Aaron, City of Prague

Sharon Maggard, Prague Times Herald